GET-A-DATE, yeah, that's right, go ahead get one with our "Break the Ice" conversational magnets. You give it personally face-to-face (most recommended) or send it USPS with a followup. We can't promise results every time, but these little gems get you to the front door and usually generates a return smile.

Read our suggested use instructions after taking a look at our specifically designed GET-A-DATE Custom Art Magnets below. Remember, prices can start at 4.95 with no art attached--but an added message with your customizaton--make these really powerful little get-a-date tools. Don't forget too look through
other themes--they can be just the tool with your customized message.


Approach fearlessly with a smile and say, "I just have to give you this. Shop here often?"


For straight approach to someone you don't know but would like to.


For someone you know who knows you'd like to explore a relationship...








Already have a date? Send this USPS. This is everpopular with any message to
get a date, before or after...

We could have called this section Ice Breaker or conversation starter. The strategic idea is to help you get dates by "breaking the ice" in a fun, casual way but gets the point across: LET'S MEET UP! Cuturally in America, the highest resistance comes from women (but guys NEED to get CAMed too).Your Personal CAM can be funny, impressive, romantic, bold and present you as always fearless.

For example here's a scenario, grocery store (or other public setting):

You approach your object of your pursuit and say something like this:

"Hi, you are simply lovely." Pause briefly. Let him or her catch up for hearing this first time from a complete stranger face to face. Then say exactly, "Please let me give you this."

Do not walk away. Then let the object of your pursuit take in your personal Custom Art Magnet. Don't say a word until she lifts here eyes back to you. Chances are, she'll say, somewhat awkwardly, "Thank you."

You say, "You're welcome. Maybe you can call me sometime, or we can meet up to have coffee. My number is on the magnet. Or maybe I can check in with you."

>If she/he doesn't volunteer contact information she probably won't commit on the spot so don't press it. Keep it pleasant and short. You've shown you're not crazy and would just like to get to know him/her.

>If she tries to hand it back, you lift your hands and say:
"No, really. That's for you. Everybody would like to say that to you, but few do. Put it on your fridge."

Either way, you say:

"Thank you. My contact info, social and web page is on the magnet. Have a nice day."

Walk away.

You can use my exclusive Get-a-Date Custom Art Magnets anywhere else. They are even more impactful at parties where you have worked it with potential candidates much of the evening. They are great at clubs where you might have only a few moments to make your move.

Yes, I, the creator of Art Magnets, have used my little "relationship gems" in numerous situations with positive to spectacular results. Sooner or later you will start to spot persons you'd like to get to know in every place. Be ready. break the ice with your romantic, bold, adventurous Personal Art Magnet. Then make it happen.