How We Price: One Time Design Cost + Physical Magnet(s)
Since these products are "open ended" in design (except for those completely designed by the customer or are the image only), we have set design price categories. You can then order at any time that CAM or more CAMs whenever. You can also change the wording on CAMs with the same image.

These prices are for the first order of single CAMs, including design, that is, one customized magnet with a design. Of couse IDs are not included in the image.

1. NO DESIGN CHARGE: $4.95 for single This price applies to our images in this site as well as any images of your own that are designed and sized to the Art Magnets. So let's say you just sent us a picture to be built into an Art Magnet. That's design level 1. Just resizing and light correction. No words on the image, like this one...






2. ONE TIME DESIGN: $9.95 Simple to medium complex
But let's say you wanted a
special message designed into that image. Just specify your message in the order form with your image. (In this case the image is our's you can use, but you can send your own as well.) The trick is to keep your message simple and short.


This type of design order would be $9.95. It has six lines of copy. We don't limit words or lines because none of our Art Magnets are designed "automatically." We design where possible your copy over the picture you have sent or selected. Any design is possible, but if is more complex, we have to go to the next level...

3. ONE TIME DESIGN $19.95--$25.00: Complex Customization-Personal and Business Complex Customisation can mean creative copy, multiple images, art rendering, overlays and working with the myriad of other design elements.

0234.waiting for santa.jpg

4. ONE TIME DESIGN: $25.00-$35.00-For any of your own pictures that requires adjustment
These include your pictures from your phone, family photos, etc. where we have to adjust size, make borders, correct (some) focus, crop, light restoration, etc. This could include restoration of old pictures such as the ones below.


The older picture below required more detailed work with restoration: 

This level restore below is $35 consisting of cleaning print, sharpening,
reducing facial exposure, cropping. (Note: You can take this image
and combine it with a current faimily picture for gifting.) The
CAM resolution came out like this (names left out):

5. ONE TIME DESIGN: $7.95-11.95 Non-Customized but with Personal/Business Messaging
These are styled like greeting and post cards and posters as they are shown in the themes link above--from funny to motivational, from get well to congratulations. No custom names or identification. Again, these are only suggestions. Review our images in all of the themes above. From $7.95. Note: If you notice a theme and you would like to turn it into this category with your own words, the price is $11.95. This category requires a minimum of 10 orders of the same Art Magnet design.



The Back Edge Addon--Turn your CAM over for another message

mam.backsidemagOnce recipients get a BenQQ Art Magnet, they'll usually turn it over. Our Art Magnets have back edges on which you can impart further short messages. We are the only magnet maker anywhere in the world to do this. We offer this "back edge copy" service to any customer. There is a section in the order form for this. Cost for adding up to 4 back edges is 9.95 one time. You don't have to use all 4 back edges, but the cost for adding and positioning will be the same. Further, www.myartmagnets will be low keyed on front if you use all 4 edges. 


 Pricing multiples of the same CAM of the same design
note: You get one free Art Magnet with any design order 

11-50... 3.49

Payment Steps
1) Design: We let you know the design cost once we view your order. Upon your approval, you remit for the design charges. We send you up to 3 fee drafts of your design.
2) Build: We then email you the build price based on the pricing table above.  You then remit for the build and we send your CAMs to you via physical mail.

How to Pay

Please pay via PayPal or check.
For PayPal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mailing Address:
1910 Madison Ave.
Memphis, TN 38104

When you submit an order to us, we do not sell your email nor show identifiable CAMs on any of our pages or web sites without your permission.

Legal Yes, we watch this. Who needs a lawsuit?
When you send us a picture (image) to made into an Art Magnet, you are declaring you legally own that picture with all rights attached. You also are indemnifying us against any claims from anyone associated with that image may bring against any related principals, associates or Todd Holding Group, Inc. (THG) More: If your submitted image is advertising any product or service has identifiable people in it, every person, or his guardians or assigns, shown in that picture must have signed a license agreement and you have to send a copy of said agreement to us. Usage of our Custom Art Magnet (CAM): you can distribute their CAM in any way you see fit. You cannot have any other company produce the CAM THG has produced for you. You can, without any compensation to THG, use it in unaltered in any advertising in the original size supplied to you provided you link to www.myartmagnet.com. You cannot photograph your Art Manet and reproduce it anywhere else for any purpose. 


Ben "Benqq" Harrison, Founder/Photographer/Designer/Writer




This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


From your smartphone
They usually come out large enough in inches at 72 ppi. Unless you are good at improving them, just go ahead and send them to us via email or order form. You can either send them to yourself, then drag them into the order form or just send them to us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Do not downsize, that is make them smaller in inches, unless your email requires. Contact us if you have problems getting your pics to us. We will let you know if they came over outsized.
From a high resolution camera (like a Canon)
If you shot at 300 ppi, simply reduce the image down to 6"x4" and send it to us via email or order form.
What the image types should be jpg, jpeg
From a print, like an old family portrait.
If the image is digital, scan the image into your computer, send the image to us at 72ppi at at least 8"x10" or send at 300ppi not larger than 4" x 6". Or take the image to an office supply store and get it copied to a disc. Then drag it to your desktop from the disc, then drag it into the order form or include it in an email to us. Again, make sure the pictures are large enough as set above for high res output.
Downloaded from the internet These pictures will be at 72ppi. For printing, they need to be at the size 6 inches x 8 inches at 72ppi.
What if I cannot resize my pictues or just want you to do everything?
Send them to us anyway. We'll take care of it. There is a $2 charge for resizing and/or uprezing per pic.

How do I order? You can order by email or by order form.
How do I check my order? We email you a check image according to your design instructions.
Does pricing of individual CAMs change with multiple orders? Yes, see pricing above.
Can I make multiple orders on my first order? Yes.
How long does it take to receive my order? Within 7 days. There is a rush charge ranging from 50% to 100% + shipping charges.
What other media can you put my theme on? 4x6post cards, 13x19 posters. Inquire.
What personal images can I send you? You can send us any personal image that you have taken and own legally as long as the subject(s) in the picture has consented in writing.
Membership Discounts These are for nonprofit organizaitions, community groups and various memberships with various levels of discounts.
Our CAM Mailing Service You can have your CAM(s) sent to other recipients beside yourself or your group or company. For example, you make this type of mailing from you or anonymous. (Wee the Get-A-Date category).

How do accounts work? With any order, we set up an account page in which you can enter to reorder, change or insert a new background theme.