Palm size perfect for mailing: 2.5" x 3.5"-- BenQQ's Custom Art Magnets keep your messages remembered under a mylar cover in a full metal case. With our processing and mylar encasing, images really do "pop."


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BENQQ'S CUSTOM ART MAGNETS--your personal or business message in any "visual motif."
Now, you can totally customize each one of your messages with pictures--yours or ours. Just send us the message and information you want to see in either your image or in our collection of originals by BenQQ. (BenQQ's images are original work you can use FREE.)

Don't have time or the inclination to "artify and personalize" your CAMs? We love crafting personal and business messages. And please don't think your personal pictures would be any less impactful. When you send them to us we consider it "art." We reprocess (and restore) your art so it "pops" from whatever medium on which you want to imbed it--paper, wall or, our first recommendation, your Custom Art Magnets. Regardless, our mission is to artfully design your message into the image you want whether for a CAM or poster. While you can create your visual motif for just about any display media, we will use CAMs throughout this site to show you our current themes and samples...


These conditions apply:
1. Guarantee applies to one magnet in one order
2. Just send your CAM back to us. We will not cover return postage but will refund your full order payment.
3. Plus give us a description of how you intended your CAM to be used and why it didn't work.
This guarantee covers 1 design order CAM in the 7.95 category only. (See what that covers in pricing above)

BENQQ'S ART MAGNET Design Options-$4.95, 7.95, 11.95, 19.95

Prices above INCLUDE one completed and approved magnet. Less for multiples. (See pricing above.) Once we complete your design order and you have approved it, we email you the total. In the order form you can tell us the image ID(s) and your your own words you want on those picture(s). You can do all this and more in the Order Form above. As we mentioned above, if you don't have the exact words, just tell us your general thoughts and we will write and process the image accordingly, usually at no extra cost. Business and Personal are the same price.

We do our best to stay in your pricing option with what you want to see on your CAM. All of our low design costs are one time. Thereafter we charge for building your magnets as you want them. There is a small charge for 1-4 word or 1 line changes in your previously ordered design, so you can apply different names in your same design. With the first order, you have a go-to account from which you can orderthe same, copy changed or a completely new, CAM. Again, see the Pricing ink above for details.

Now, consider how you would like to use your CAMs (custom or JGI-Just Great Images):
1) commercial or business? and/or 2) personal?
You have 4 design options plus an add-on if you would like to use the back edges. Jump to pricing above for more details.

The Back Edge Addon--Turn your CAM over for another message

mam.backsidemagOnce recipients get a BenQQ Art Magnet, they'll usually turn it over. Our Art Magnets have back edges on which you can impart further short messages. We are the only magnet maker anywhere in the world to do this. We offer this "back edge copy" service to any customer. There is a section in the order form for this. Costs for adding up to 4 back edges is 9.95 one time. You don't have to use all 4 back edges, but the cost for adding and positioning will be the same. 


Your Choice of Themes
Unlike traditional greeting cards, you choose a theme and then build your message into it. For example, the theme above is "cats." You can write any message for almost any occasion over it. Its your image/copy combo that determine's your message so you can be as creative and original as you wish. Because they are customized to the receiver, images don't have to match reason for your CAM. Look at all the theme categories in the dropdown menu above. They can easily cross over categories of use depending on your personal/business purpose. 

So, your uses can relate to relationships, business motivation, family photos, getting a date, marriage, situations, pets, events, etc. We love seeing how creative people use images in Art Magnets. (By the way, most of our themes are taken from very high resolution originals so you can use with other media, as ordered.) 

Our prices cannot be as low as cheap throwaway rubber fridge magnets. If that's what you are looking for, we're not your shop. We want our Custom Art Magnets to represent you in a lasting creative way and to fit into your communications goals--whether persoal or business. However, depending on the format you choose above, we can come close in price with even those "advertising specialties."

 Can I put my formats and themes on other items beside Art Magnets? 
Yes, from post cards to wall murals. Please inquire. See Faqs-Pricing-Ordering link above.

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